Sunday, 26 November 2017

Basing tutorial in a local game shop

6 different bases done with different techniques and tools.

Great job and a lot of fun!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Speed Painting Conan 3

Monolith's Conan (plastic, by various sculptors)

4 hours to paint the Belit's Guards+ Sorcerers + Shevatas+ N'Gora +Zogar Zag

178 more minis to come...


Speed Painting Conan 2

Monolith's Conan (plastic, by various sculptors)

7 hours to paint 25 Picts

For the flesh, I've used a fast and reliable technique: primed with GW's Mournfang Brown+zenital Zandri Dust+ light Corax White. Then Secret Weapon "Baby Poop" ink, finally GW's Ogryn Flesh ink.

189 more minis to come...

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Speed painting Conan

Monolith's Conan (plastic, by various sculptors)

3 hours to paint the first minis (Conan, Belit, snake)

214 more minis to come...

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Magnetized Conan Minis

I have spent the whole aftrenoon magnetizing all the minis from the Conan Board Game +Stygia extension. It was worth the effort. Now all the minis are easily accessible and transportable.

First step: cover the bottom of the boxes with rubber steel sheets

Remove the plastic bits that stick under some bases (the mini will still stand on it)

Add some MDF bases under the heaviest creatures and characters

Magnetize the plastic or the MDF base, now the colour bases can stick with the magnets
 You can see that I have also magnetized the colour bases. This is very useful and it will allow me to paint the bases of the minis and not damaging them by forcing them in the color circles.

The biggest minis required larger MDF bases (I have used green stuff to fix them on)

I have drawn circles on the magnetized sheet to cut them and fix them under the bases

Tadam! Now you can see the result: everything in order and ready to play.
A handful of minis are not yet magnetized because I was short of MDF bases.
Now I just have to paint all that!